Chakra Raw Stone Necklace
Chakra Raw Stone Necklace
Chakra Raw Stone Necklace

Chakra Raw Stone Necklace

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Your body is comprised of 7 main focal points of energy, that when balanced and aligned, allow oneself to live awakened, abundant, authentic, and with purpose, while connected to both the earth  and the universe above. 


〰️18” Gold filled 1mm box chain with 4mm raw gemstone 

Root: Garnet ✨ Grounding 〰️ Interconnection 

Sacral: Turquoise ✨ Detoxification〰️Self-realization〰️Serenity 

Solar Plexus: Citrine ✨Intention〰️Vitality 

Heart: Emerald ✨Unconditional Love〰️ Compassion  

Throat: Aquamarine ✨ Truth 〰️Letting Go 

Third Eye: Lapis ✨Perception〰️Creativity

Crown: Amethyst ✨ Intuition〰️Abundance 

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