Psyched you are HERE.

I'm Chrissy Deiger, the maker of Wyldlu. I live in Toledo, OH with my  husband, two children, and boxer-mix pup.
Wydlu began as an awakening. 
My passion behind each piece is about harnessing positive energy and delivering it out into the world.  Wyldlu is about embracing process, and ultimately tapping into a self that lives abundantly, magically, purposely, and fiercely. It is my hope when you wear Wydlu, you feel closer to a better version of yourself--raw and fearlessly authentic. The majority of Wyldlu pieces are either one of a kind, or limited edition designs. 
I am an avid traveler and photographer, and live for the outdoors, stories, magical people, adventure and art.
Thanks for being here.  I hope you find something you love.
Get out there.
Do hard things.
Love yourself.
XO, Chrissy